sailee 23 Mar 2017
how to work in word pad
sailee 23 Mar 2017
how to work in word pad
Sushama 23 Mar 2017
I want Marathi word translated in English. Can u help?
RENKA 09 Mar 2017
03 Mar 2017
sacan eglihs marate
kiran pawar 03 Mar 2017
sacan eglihs marate
bhagwat s g 27 Feb 2017
pl conf. how to change password for marathi converter
shrikrushna 24 Feb 2017
how to email the draft?
Pradnya 23 Feb 2017
The export to image tool always keeps the text into center....does not allow left justification
Bhagwat SG 23 Feb 2017
how to change password pl conf.
akhil 17 Feb 2017
Khup chan ahe he site. Aple android app ahe ka ?
gaikwad R.b 17 Feb 2017
विपत्तीमध्ये तू माझे रक्षण कर ही माझी प्रार्थना नाही; विपत्तीमध्ये मी भयभीत होऊ नये एवढीच माझी इच्छा|
manish deshmukh 17 Feb 2017
how to copy on ms word
priyanka 15 Feb 2017
if i type some word they didnt translate in marathi(english into marathi)it happens many times with me.... so now what i do.. Reply Me..............
raghav peshkar 10 Feb 2017
how to copy it on ms-word
nagesh 10 Feb 2017
thank you for conversion
How write Reyansh in Marathi 07 Feb 2017
How I write ......Name Reyansh in Marathi language....
Dayanand 06 Feb 2017
Thank You, nice tool. Lai Bhari
Kiran 03 Feb 2017
Do you have any Android application. It will be very helpful to have this conversion feature on the keypad itself. Thanks
manish 01 Feb 2017
dj ktm nike babaq hotel
Please add more feature Like Upload Files for save as personal data secure. Contact me for my suggestions if you need..... thank you
DNYANESH 28 Jan 2017
Best tool for me.. Thank you for tool Maker
Sapkal madhav waman 23 Jan 2017
English to marathi translation.
shubham 22 Jan 2017
nice tool sir
Sandeep 19 Jan 2017
Very nice tool.. Thank you!