Awesome 22 May 2015
इकडून तिकडे कसा करायचा, मला दर वेळेस copy paste कराव लागत मी काय करू
sandip 19 May 2015
iam writing in english but its not converting in to marathi pleas help
DrPriyanka 18 May 2015
This tool is awesome and a revolutionary step in marathi typing technique.It is very easy to opereate system.
Sunil Apte 15 May 2015
How to type travel and flat in marathi ?
bhau 07 May 2015
hou to recover saved document typed in marathi
Swarna Pandharam 30 Apr 2015
Downloud i am typing the text but the file is showing all text in the centre of the page . i want to go to english because is very good.
Sunil Apte 29 Apr 2015
How to type word 'Travel'in marathi ? I have tried a lot but could not get.
Shrikant Pathak 27 Apr 2015
I had p prepared number of Draft Documents and they were saved . But now the page says that no documents are saved. how is this pl re install all my saved Documents as they are all spiritual & important drafts
shethe 23 Apr 2015
how to recover the saved document typed in marathi
Girish Kore 17 Apr 2015
These Software Is Very Easy to Operating, But How Gate Typed Letter Print.
sushil 15 Apr 2015
very helpful , coudlnt find conversion of tower to marathi
purva 05 Apr 2015
it is very nice andvery ussefull softwear,and very esily handel this softwear
bankar gajanan 04 Apr 2015
pl. help me i don't no operating this softwere.
Anirudha Chobe 01 Apr 2015
please tell me how to convert acid, operator words into marathi
Monika 29 Mar 2015
It is very nice And usefull software.
yogesh patil 14 Mar 2015
it is very nice. i used this software for my wedding biodata
Prashant Sasne 14 Mar 2015
This is very useful software.I really like that.but problem regarding software is,it not convert one font to another font
Abhir Bade 12 Mar 2015
Very Nice But difficult to type some word in marathi like gap sap map etc....
Ashwini 21 Feb 2015
this tool is wonderful how to convert english into marathi
Dattatray 31 Jan 2015
What I do for reading marathi sms, whats up marathi sms on my micromax a50 ninja model.
ashok khurana 26 Jan 2015
how the marathi language could be recognized in english
SAMARTH 16 Jan 2015
i am typing the text but i have wont large font size
santosh khinvasara 16 Jan 2015
pl publish marathi barakhadi and their engish spelling also marathi alphabets and their english spelling so that it will help to type in marathi correctly.
chandrakant karpe 09 Jan 2015
i love english and marathi how the conversion is to be printed