Mangesh Jadhav 30 Jun 2016
where u reply to public's queries, really don't understand, please try to resolve these numeric conversion problem asap
Mangesh Jadhav 30 Jun 2016
Sir, whats wrong still the numeric conversion problem has been unsolved
gajanan 29 Jun 2016
where are marriage office in pune
harish chauhan 27 Jun 2016
english numerical number are not converted
Vilas 27 Jun 2016
Problem facing conversion of numeric (numbers) from English to Marathi. Numbers are not converting. Please do the Needful to solve the problem urgently. Thanks. Vilas
Mangesh Jadhav 25 Jun 2016
how much time more will it take to resolve these nimeric conversion problem...pls update
Mangesh Jadhav 25 Jun 2016
Still no any solution regarding these numerics conversion
minakshi 24 Jun 2016
madhukar 24 Jun 2016
from last two days English numerics are not Convertes in to Marathi,please advise and give the solutions.
Mangesh Jadhav 24 Jun 2016
from past two days onwards english numerics are not being converted to marathi, pls advise n give the solutions asap.
shivam 24 Jun 2016
from yesterday nunericals are not converting pi. give solution
prasad 24 Jun 2016
aakade Marathi madhe kase badlavet?
Rishikesh Tatpuje 23 Jun 2016
Nowadays conversion from english to marathi isn't working. Could you please look into this.? Kind regards, Rishikesh Tatpuje
kastur 23 Jun 2016
it dont converts numbers please
sanika 22 Jun 2016
how to write dhha
ujjwal 20 Jun 2016
how i can change marathi language to english
ajit patil 18 Jun 2016
fat ha shabd marathi nmadhye yet nahi
Ganesh 16 Jun 2016
xyz 15 Jun 2016
i am trying to translate english to mara ti but it is not happening . pls help
sharanya 14 Jun 2016
i am trying to traanslate english to marathi but it is not happening.Please help
Mahesh 11 Jun 2016
Hello Sir, Im Trying to use this translation but its not translating from english to marathi nor english to hindi Please help
nilesh 11 Jun 2016
Hello, I am using this converter as it is a user friendly. But from last night, conversion is not happens can you please help me out
राज बलशेटवार 07 Jun 2016
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gajanan patil 03 Jun 2016
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